Monday, April 17, 2006

Happy Easter!

All 4 of us together for the first picture

Today, Hunter has received orders to go into an open air crib and due to the fact that last night he took his whole bottle in 5 minutes flat, he is now going to 3 bottles a day. He is progressing well. As soon as a crib big enough comes available, Alexandria and Hunter will actually share a crib. Gabrielle is now up to 3 lb and 10.5 oz. She is getting up there. Preston is still not big enough to do any bottle feedings or go on to an open air crib, but he is doing well and continues to gain. He had his first bath given by momma last night. We didn't get any pictures of it sadly, since daddy was busy doing bottle feedings. He is still the gifted one when it comes to giving bottles. I have a lousy bottle feed I guess. Today I tried to give Hunter his bottle and he slept right through it and gave me a hard time. He consumed only a little over 1/2 his bottle in 25 min. So, the nurse helped me out after she assured me she didn't think she would have any different results. She had been watching me on and off and said I was doing everything right. She took over and guess what? He took the rest of his bottle in 5 min. I guess I just put them in a trance or something, but I now have a good excuse to make my husband do all the bottle feedings. Less work for me.. hurray!!!

Each of the babies had special Easter cards on their cribs today with pictures of them in bunny ears. We decided to leave the photos there for now, but will share them with you sometime soon. The Easter Bunny came for a visit, but I don't think my kids were that impressed since they slept right through the visit. Gabby was up for her feeding and so the bunny gave her a stuffed animal which we had to take home with us. My husband didn't advocate for the other three to have bunnies, so one day we will have to explain why it is that Gabby got special treatment and has a pretty little bunny and the rest don't. Before we left, we finally got an answer to a question we had been wondering about: "How soon is the soonest we should expect one or more babies to come home?" The answer? 1 week. WOW. Wasn't expecting that answer, but it is good news. I think Hunter will be the first one home, while daddy thinks that it will be Alexandria. They are almost neck and neck so maybe it will be a 2fer deal. We shall see. Anyways, Happy Easter everyone.