Saturday, August 14, 2010

My Little Ballerinas!

Summer 10

The kids have been home with daddy all summer enjoying "quality time." :) (He's so happy they are going to school soon)! They have been to the beach twice and to the pool several times. We have been working on getting them swimming. In the beginning, Gabby wouldn't even leave the steps with floaties on, but she was the first to take off her floaties and show some real bravery and leading the way for her sister. Both are swimming at least from the steps a few feet and then able to return to the edge. It is so exciting. We had a blast! We also had a couple horse riding lessons, but swimming really took priority, living in Florida.

Now, it is time to start Prek-4. They are so excited about starting school. We took them shopping for back to school stuff and it was like they were on a sugar high, running and showing us different outfits that they thought were "so cute!" or that they "love." Grandma got them a few outfits too, so I am pretty sure they are set for awhile! They have been looking forward to getting their shots! I know? Wierd, huh? I thought these kids were definitely abnormal until we went for their shots today. Allie practically dragged me back to see the nurse to get her shot. Hunter was up first and the girls wanted to watch. When they saw him cry, they immediately started screaming and crying so hard, you would have thought they were the ones getting the needle. Needless to say, they were running, hollering. We pretty much had to hogtie them to get their shots. Poor babies! At least I know they are normal now.

School starts Monday! It's going to be a huge adjustment, getting up at 5:30 to leave by 6:30 as school is over an hour away! I hope it is a year of great learning and great fun that will help them succeed in kindergarten. Wish us luck!