Tuesday, April 13, 2010

4th birthday April 3, 2010

The kids turned 4 on April 3rd and it's hard to believe that 4 years have passed by since the first moment I got to hold them in my arms. I struggled with ideas of what to do for their birthday. I wanted it to be special, but wasn't having too many ideas. They wanted to have their friends from school over. Hunter wanted a Batman cake and the girls wanted a Princess cake and they wanted their friends to sing the happy birthday song to them. Well,unfortunately, their birthdays fell the day before Easter, during Spring Break when many of the families are out of town. Additionally, our home is 40 miles from the school AND 7/11 kids in the class have April birthdays. So, having friends over was vetoed by mom. The teacher accomodated a special day for them March 30th, before spring break. I brought a cake and the kids did get to have "happy birthday" sung to them by their friends :)

We focused on making them have 2 very nicely decorated rooms. I say WE, but my husband did all the work - I just shopped and selected things while he painted 2 rooms! The girls have an updated flower room with some neutral paint. We plan to add some things later, but funds were already tapped out. We gave Hunter a baseball room. They really love their new rooms.

I still struggled with ideas of how to spend THEIR DAY. I ended up taking them and the 2 older kids to the horse stables for riding. While we were there, they got to hold bunnies, baby chicks, and baby goats. They absolutely fell in love and didn't want to leave.

The day pursued on with the CAKES - yes batman AND princess cake. We still have cake left over!!!

We also played in the backyard and they swam in their kiddie pool. Of course, the best part was the special people that got to be a part of their day - their older brother and sister, mom and dad, and GRANDMA!! Just when I was questioning, did I do enough???, Hunter came up and gave me a hug and said "Thank you mommy. It's the best birthday EBER (ever)!" So sweet and made me feel fulfilled. I worried for nothing.