Saturday, December 27, 2008


I have not had the time to make posts or scan pictures, so it has been awhile since you have seen a post. I will try to spend some time getting some of the pictures together from Christmas and posting them here. Christmas was wonderful this year. The kids being a little older, had more of a sense of what was going on. When we went to take pictures with Santa Claus, Gabrielle didn't want to leave. She kept hanging on to him and saying "my Santa" "my Santa." I thought it was cute. The picture came out pretty good, so that is one I need to post.

We went to "midnight mass" which is at 9pm this year. Go figure. The kids weren't bad, but some people were less tolerant and I almost had a verbal altercation with a very rude woman who muttered some things in my general direction. She seemed to appreciate the children that were in the cry room only. I just took my disruptive child and sat outside the doors, still looking in on the mass. We will need to do some thinking about churches that can accomodate our brood. It's getting really harder to get to and through church these days and I need it more!

Christmas day was just lovely. The kids got way more than they need, but they had a fun time opening presents and oohed and ahed over different toys, trying all of them out within a quick span of time. We had a nice Christmas dinner, preparing it for the first time ever! Grandmas etc. had to come to us! It was exciting passage down. Now, I want to pass back the torch because watching children, cleaning, cooking on very little sleep after staying up to put together toys is for the birds! I think my mom will have to host it at her house and cook next year. All in all it was a wonderful day! Hope everyone out there had a great Christmas too. Thanks for reading about my family. :D