Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Changes and loss

We have moved away to the Orlando area - living in Clermont, but in the country. We are on 3.4 acres of gorgeous conservation land with wildlife abundant. Unfortanately, didn't realize that we had gators until we moved in. However, it is paradise. It is great not having to drive 2 hours to work anymore and a relaxing setting to be in when I do arrive home. We have had a loss since we moved here. We lost my cocker spaniel of 15 years and honestly the most loyal companion I ever had. I feel a great loss, but time is making it somewhat easier to bear.

The kids have met friends here. Hunter has his first boy friend. He hasn't ever gotten to socialize with boys his age and now he is "friends" with a 4 year old Jacob who he cried about for several days, stating he didn't get his "kiss" and hug from his "new friends." He is just the cutest. What's not the cutest is his opposition to mommy. He is a dada's boy and it doesn't bother me too much until he gets really disrespectful, such as pushing me away, denying me kisses, telling me "NO mommy!" Well, it hurts my feelings, but I try to recognize it is a phase. Then, he will surprise me by crying for me or telling me out of the blue "Love you mommy." The other consolation is that I have two girls who are definite momma's girls, so long as grandma or their aunts aren't around. When that happens, you might as well chalk it up and call it a day because goose liver is more popular than me.

They keep reminding me, well at least Hunter does, that they aren't "wittle babies" anymore. Hunter will add "I big boy mommy." He definitely will always be my wittle baby but he doesn't seem to get that right now. They certainly try to act grown, copying everything we do and the girls will say they are mommy. Hunter will say he is daddy. The girls love to go shopping, dance, and sing. Hunter just loves everything about sports, particularly baseball.

Shortly after we moved into this never been lived in beautiful home with brand-new everything, the kids happened to have a "cookout" in their rooms. They gathered up all the food out of the fridge that they could find and dumped it on their carpet when daddy wasn't looking and when mommy was at work. They totally destroyed the carpet. Stanley Steamer wasn't able to get the pink pepto bismo stains out, so we have covered their stains with a white throw rug for now. I guess we have to keep it all in perspective. A few stains on the carpet aren't worth getting all upset about when we have 3 beautiful healthy babes.

I hope you enjoy the pictures. My dad took them while he was home from Afghanistan. He is returning tomorrow. I love these pics.