Saturday, April 15, 2006

April 14th, 2006

Great NEWS!!!

Tonite, we came up for the weekend to be with the babies. We went to the Ronald McDonald House to check in and then headed over to the hospital. We got such wonderful news from their nurses Samantha and Terry. First of all, we have our first 4 pounder!! Hunter weighed at 4.02 today!! Alexandria is right behind him at 3 lb 13.8 oz. Gabby is staying at 3 lb 8.4 oz. Preston has gained though. He is now 2 lb 7 oz!!! They are gaining and mommy continues to lose. I am up to 55 lb lost!! Amazing.

Better news: Alexandria will be the first to be in an open air crib, starting tomorrow. If she can maintain her body temperature, she will be close to coming home; if not, she will return to her isolette for awhile.

BEST news: 3/4 have started bottle feeding. Hunter and Alexandria are on 2 bottle feedings a day and Gabby is only getting one, but while Hunter and Alexandria are only consuming part of their bottles and getting the remaining nutrition from tube feed, Gabby took her entire bottle today!! Woohoo. WE are so happy. We are hoping they catch on to bottle feeding soon, because this is 1 of the 2 steps that 3 of them have left to be able to come home! We get to do our first bottle feeding with the babies tomorrow starting around 11 am.