Friday, July 25, 2008

Randy Pausch The Final Lecture - Very Meaningful

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Phenom and The Dancers Get Big Girl and Boy Beds

I have been using this blog for posting pictures as I get them developed but I haven't really given an update on what is going on with the kids. Life is full and life is busy. My kids are the greatest thing that have ever happened to me, but at the same time, they are the biggest challenge. I think I have muttered a few times "I don't want to do this parenting thing." I was an expert in parenting before I had children. I always knew what to do to get the desired behavior. Just ask all my friends with kids. All I can say is that I am sorry to all of you who had to endure advice from me. I think this parenting thing is the toughest job ever!!!!! The kids are 2 years and a few months now. They are talking up a storm, even when we cannot understand what they are saying. Full sentences here and there. The favorite ones are "What's that?" which is said over and over until I have named every object at least twice. "Here you go," which is offered mostly by Allie as she doles out to the other kids some snack. My least favorite is "I want..." Usually it is said over and over, more and more loudly until it gets to hysteria at which point, I shouldn't give them whatever they want because I am reinforcing the whining behavior. However, my ears are going numb and temporary insanity sets in. I concede. Here are the cookies!! Here are the car keys!! Here are the kitchen knives!! Okay, I'm kidding. I would never give them the car keys. Ha ha.

They started climbing out of their cribs at bedtime, even with the crib tents which have successfully locked them in for months now. In the last few weeks, the kids have been going to bed later and later as we struggle over bedtime. The other night I hear my husband saying "Why do you guys do this to me? Do you think I like to spank you? I hate to spank you!" and then some cries followed. I have given up attempting to get them all back to bed. I concede. If he leaves the bedtime thing to me, they will all be running around until midnight. They laugh at me when I get stern. It's as if they are saying "Oh Mommy, you are so funny! Do you really think we are going to listen to you?" I have to say, I turned into my mother. I am constantly tattling on my kids and leaving my husband to be the disciplinarian. "Daddy, they are out of bed." "Daddy, they are running down the hall." etc. And yes, I call him Daddy. We have turned into some hillbilly cliches where we call each other "ma" and "pa."

As a result of all their climbing out of their cribs, we decided that they are ready for big girl and boy beds. The girls have toddler beds and Hunter has his crib converted to a daybed. They love their big boy and girl beds, though they don't spend much time in them. All of them wake up and climb into bed with us in the middle of the night or the early morning. I was terribly squooshed last night when all 5 of us were in the bed. Family closeness! On the bright side, we have some pretty talented children. Hunter is showing some interest and talent with sports. He would sleep with a baseball glove it we let him. He knows how to hold a bat. His stance is so cute! He dribbles a soccer ball phenomenally. We think he is going to be a PHENOM. I have never seen a 2 year old with such enthusiasm for sports. He is always happy with a ball in his hands. The girls are little dancers. Turn on the music and you will see rhythm. Watching them dance always makes me smile. In fact, Allie will ensure she gets my attention by yelling "Mama! Mama!" When, I look at her she is shimmying her shoulders or wiggling about in such a cute way. Hunter gets in on the action too. If we turn on Baby Einstein, The Wiggles, or Barney, they will wiggle and giggle away. It's too cute. So, in all being a parent is wonderful. The cuddles. The smiles. The laughter. Sure there is whining and temper tantrums, but the good so outweighs the bad. Can I have some more please? Just don't tell my husband I asked that. Here is a video that Aunt Judy took of the babies watching Einstein.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Saint Augustine

We went to Saint Augustine back in April which was a birthday present to me. It was the kids first time to the beach. I have a lot of pics I need to post from that visit, but these were sent to me by our new friend Tiffany, of Georgia.

She and her friends were the sweetest and Gabby really took to her. I thought I would share these pictures.

Our play date at Red Lobster with the Fulton Quads

Anthony, Me, Savanah, Cathy and her husband
with my 3 babies and her 4 babies

All the interested babies with the Manager of Red Lobster showing them a lobster and letting them touch the lobster

Just the kids

I belong to a higher order multiples club, MOST (Mother's of Super Twins) and met a lady named Cathy through that organization. She was passing through Sebring so she stopped to have lunch with us. They were the nicest family. I really enjoyed meeting them. Unfortunately, due to the bad behavior of my children, we didn't get to spend much time talking! Here are some pics that she just sent to me. I love them!!