Monday, November 16, 2009

Fall 2009

It's wonderful that the kids are finally old enough to start to appreciate the holidays. They participated in choosing their Halloween costumes this year and were so excited in anticipation of the day they would go out in costume and get candy. We even practiced how to Trick or Treat to get it right. The girls were so excited about putting on make up and glittery dresses, as they were fairies for Halloween. Hunter had no other thing that he wanted to be more than Spiderman. I haven't any idea how he even knows of Spiderman because to my knowledge he hasn't seen any movie or cartoon with Spiderman in it. I had so much fun taking them out Trick or Treating around the neighborhoods nearby. They didn't want to go home. Allie had blisters on her feet and still wanted to walk in her costume, but we got them home somehow and they only got to have a few pieces of candy before bed. I remember being given total carte blanche when it came to Halloween candy as a kid. I guess we are a little more strict in that department. Their teeth will thank us later.

(We had some pics taken at the pumpkin patch but I haven't been able to figure out how to get them on here, so it's been delaying the blog post. I just figured I would write an update and figure out the pictures later).

Now that Christmas is approaching, they are asking us nearly every day about it. "Mommy I wanna see Christmas," Hunter tells me everyday. I tell him he will soon enough. Then he will tell me about what he wants for Christmas, which seems to evolve everyday. It's so exciting that this will be the first year they know a little about Christmas and will get to enjoy opening presents. I can't wait to start holiday traditions with them like decorating the tree, baking cookies, midnight mass, and going out to see Christmas lights. They get so tickled when they see decorations of any kind. Joy now comes from seeing the happiness of my kids. That love is amazing. I have never loved anyone more in life than these 3 precious souls. I am just sooooo very thankful for them, when they are good, when they are bad... it never waivers. Being a mother is just the best thing in the world.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Changes and loss

We have moved away to the Orlando area - living in Clermont, but in the country. We are on 3.4 acres of gorgeous conservation land with wildlife abundant. Unfortanately, didn't realize that we had gators until we moved in. However, it is paradise. It is great not having to drive 2 hours to work anymore and a relaxing setting to be in when I do arrive home. We have had a loss since we moved here. We lost my cocker spaniel of 15 years and honestly the most loyal companion I ever had. I feel a great loss, but time is making it somewhat easier to bear.

The kids have met friends here. Hunter has his first boy friend. He hasn't ever gotten to socialize with boys his age and now he is "friends" with a 4 year old Jacob who he cried about for several days, stating he didn't get his "kiss" and hug from his "new friends." He is just the cutest. What's not the cutest is his opposition to mommy. He is a dada's boy and it doesn't bother me too much until he gets really disrespectful, such as pushing me away, denying me kisses, telling me "NO mommy!" Well, it hurts my feelings, but I try to recognize it is a phase. Then, he will surprise me by crying for me or telling me out of the blue "Love you mommy." The other consolation is that I have two girls who are definite momma's girls, so long as grandma or their aunts aren't around. When that happens, you might as well chalk it up and call it a day because goose liver is more popular than me.

They keep reminding me, well at least Hunter does, that they aren't "wittle babies" anymore. Hunter will add "I big boy mommy." He definitely will always be my wittle baby but he doesn't seem to get that right now. They certainly try to act grown, copying everything we do and the girls will say they are mommy. Hunter will say he is daddy. The girls love to go shopping, dance, and sing. Hunter just loves everything about sports, particularly baseball.

Shortly after we moved into this never been lived in beautiful home with brand-new everything, the kids happened to have a "cookout" in their rooms. They gathered up all the food out of the fridge that they could find and dumped it on their carpet when daddy wasn't looking and when mommy was at work. They totally destroyed the carpet. Stanley Steamer wasn't able to get the pink pepto bismo stains out, so we have covered their stains with a white throw rug for now. I guess we have to keep it all in perspective. A few stains on the carpet aren't worth getting all upset about when we have 3 beautiful healthy babes.

I hope you enjoy the pictures. My dad took them while he was home from Afghanistan. He is returning tomorrow. I love these pics.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jon Dorrough

I just had to add in here with a little note of pride that my Uncle Jon Dorrough (my dad's brother) and the guy who started this website for me has finally got around to publishing a book, something that has been in the work for years. He has another book on the way already too. The book sounds very interesting and one that sounds like it needed a ton of research and imagination, just from the description. I will have to buy one. I just think it is such a huge accomplishment to not only write a book, but for it to be good enough to be published and sell on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble!? That's difficult! Kudos to my uncle! That's something I have always wanted to do myself. What a dream come true! Love you Uncle Jon!!

Here's a link to his website which gives more details about the book!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Allie Gabby and Hunter's Birthday Photos




























Friday, April 03, 2009

It's Our Birthday

April 3rd - Our birthday today (well 1 hour ago it was officially over since it is 1am now. We are 3 years old. Please leave us any birthday wishes so we can cherish your comments for many years to come. Disney here we come! We will think of you while we visit Minnie and Mickey mouse!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Almost 3, Yay for Chuck E. Cheese, Obsessed with Jeans, and Hunter's misguided haircut

In 1 month, my children will be 3 years old. It is so hard to believe that it happened this fast. Time has really just whipped on by. It seems like their vocabulary is really expanding by the day. They impress me so much with their abilities. These preemie babies are absolutely healthy and normal in every way. They have been tested by EI (Early Steps Intervention) and they don't qualify for any services - speech, occupational, or physical therapy. They are within normal limits to advanced on all cognitive, emotional, physical, and social testing. What a blessing it is that they are so healthy. Our pediatrician is also very pleased by their development.

So, we have a lot to celebrate on their birthday this year. This birthday, we are going to have their party at Chuck E. Cheese because these kids absolutely love the characters and love to dance and sing with the big mouse. I thought too, it would save us the hassle of cleaning up. I am always looking for the easy way out! Tonight I told Gabby that we are going to have a party for her and she couldn't stop saying "party party" and she understood what it meant because she insisted we have cake tonight. "Mommy, I want cake. I want cake, Mommy." Of course, she doesn't understand the concept of time so it shouldn't have been mentioned at all. I will try not to make that mistake again. Have you ever tried to explain time to kids who don't know time? It is absolutely mind-bending. I find myself in that same spot over and over again and never clearly convey the meaning. The kids want to go to bed in jeans. Actually, they pretty much want to live in jeans all the time. They have their favorite pair and they want them washed and ready to wear every day. So, I try to explain to them that they need to wait to wear the jeans and this is a little of what occurs.

Me: "You cannot wear the jeans tonite."
Them: "Mommy, I want jeans."
Me: "NO. Not tonight. You have to wear jammies."
Them: "NO jammies mommy. Jeans. Jeans. I want jeans."
Me: "No. Jammies tonite. You can wear jeans tomorrow."
Them: "Mah-rah?"
Me: "Yes, tomorrow. Not when it's dark out, but when the sun comes up tomorrow it is tomorrow."
Them: "Jeans mommy, I want jeans."
Me: "Tomorrow."
Them: "No mah-rah mommy. I want jeans."
Me: "Mommy isn't wearing jeans night night. You wear jammies night night. Mommy is wearing jammies."
Them: "NO Jammies."
Me: I concede and let them wear jeans to bed - stick with the big issues right? So, not only do my kids know they can win with me, they probably think tomorrow means right now, and they are increasingly obsessed with jeans. I am thinking of throwing them all in the trash and forcing them to wear dresses.

Another update: My son got a haircut. No, not his first haircut, but it is the most haircut he has ever had. My husband did it without telling or consulting me. I shouldn't be speaking to him. Hunter looks like a little man with a flat head. It's shaven pretty much. I'm thinking of suing my husband and the hairdresser, but I guess that won't bring back his hair. I know one thing - he will never be allowed to go get his haircut with just daddy. Heck, daddy should have a chaperone to help him get his own hair cut because he isn't doing too well by himself.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Mr. President

I realize this is a blog about my children, but every once in awhile, I do digress and speak slightly off topic. This is one of those occasions. In his first few days in office, our beloved President has seen fit to make abortion his number one pressing issue. With the state of our country's economy, he finds no better way to spend money (besides the most expensive innaugaration ever) than to give money so that the international community can perform abortion. In addition to this, he has lifted the ban on partial birth abortions and extended it to include killing children in abortion mishaps. Read more about this in the following articles since I am not a political commentator.

He states that he wouldn't want his daughter to be punished for a crisis pregnancy. Punishment? Interesting philosophy on pregnancy and the miracle of life. This is the man we voted for? Thanks so much "We the People."

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Christmas Photo with Santa

Yay, I finally remembered to post the Christmas Photo with Santa. Here it is!

Left to right: Dylan, Hunter (saying Cheese!), Gabrielle, Santa, Alexandria, and Savanah

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

For a Laugh... The Mom Song

Monday, January 05, 2009

Mommying 101.. Random ramblings

Sorry, I still haven't posted that all important picture of the kids with Santa. It seems these days, I am full of good intentions with lack of follow through. In my "quiet moments" such as these, I am being tapped gently on the arm by a little part womanesque part cherubic 2.7 year old (to be more specific), somewhat impatiently. The tapping turns more into slapping than tapping in the course of 5 seconds. "Mommy. Mommy. I have booboo." I resign to the interruption, giving her a kiss on the wound - that magical miracle cure that somehow erases all booboos.

Then I am interrupted by the sound of little feet traveling across the floor at a frenzied pace, laughing and that always means trouble. One glance confirms that there is contraband. One has a bottle of vinegar I use to mop the floor and the other has a spray bottle of Fabuloso he is squirting here and there. Somehow, my out of shape body (at their doing) has turned into that of a marathon runner when I sense danger, as I sprint across the house catching them and watching them collapse in fits of giggles. Such fun. All I want to do is have a "quiet moment" and gather my thoughts. I can hear the pounding of the keys of the piano as Baby Einstein plays loudly in the background. They are entertained only moments and then return with the droning sound of "Mommy. Mommy." I have learned to tune it out a little too well. It's as if I were a 10 year old zoning out on cartoons, ignoring the requests of a nagging mother. Reality sets in eventually and I respond to their requests.

It's 9pm now and they are still not in bed. This is the norm at my house. In a few minutes, I will have to grab a spoon and make idle threats. Fear will not be realized. They look at me with the spoon and the stern voice saying, "get in bed" and laugh. 'Silly woman... you won't actually follow through," they seem to be laughing. Even when I do follow through and smack a diaper covered buttocks, it doesn't carry any sting. It's all fun and games here!

The whole point of this post was to discuss my disorganization and lack of follow through. I have digressed. As you can see, my thoughts are not even organized. As if the disorganization of my thoughts here are not enough, I can assure you there are further examples. I make lists of things to do and then do everything NOT on the list. I guess you can blame me for the depletion of trees in the rain forest.

My checkbook is unbalanced. My purse is full of receipts I intended to enter, but then forget to. I lose some and figure, what's the point? Before I know it, I am close to overdraft, rushing to the bank to cover the yet to be posted items before it's too late. This year, I only managed to get a handful of Christmas cards out before Christmas. I have intended for the last 2 days to send out the remaining cards saying "Belated Happy New Year" but by the time they will actually get out, they will be "Belated Happy Valentine's Day" cards with a Christmas feel. Ah well.

I think back to my college years, which wasn't too long ago. I could of possibly had a transient mental health disorder, but it would have to have been persistent to be diagnosable. Yet, I felt incredibly sane compared to now. I was obsessed with succeeding. I NEEDED versus wanted to get all A's. Other than exercise (yes I once exercised obsessively, I had no life to speak of, living only for the praise of the red A on the paper that I had deliberated over and refined repeatedly until I had produced my best efforts. Other college students were having fun partying, only concerning themselves with the production of a paper 12 hours before the deadline. They would pull an all nighter to produce the desired passable piece of work. Ah, those were the days. I was at the top of my game. Mentally, I was the sharpest I would ever be and the most organized I have been in my life. I am but a remnant of that oh so driven diva. Disorganized would be an adjective to aspire to. I am the complete epitome of the phrase - total chaos.

I don't share this to sound erudite, nor am I some kind of Mensa snob. I certainly am and always will be flawed, like most people. Unlike a few, I am aware of those flaws too. Let me just idealize for a moment, remembering a time when I could actually complete a to do list. That was before kids though.

Having kids is in some ways the best thing that could happen to a person. I feel extremely fortunate to have these little lives in my responsibility. They are the cutest and well I could fawn over all that they do all day long. Case in point: When I arrived home tonight, I was greeted by Gabrielle with the declaration "Mommy, I went peepee in the potty" very clearly and concisely in the toddler speak way. It melted me.

Even the annoyances can be cute. Yet, I think they should come with not only instructions, but the Serenity prayer. They can reduce the smartest person to a blithering idiot. So far, my life with kids is going right on cue, according to Bill Cosby's discourse on parenting.

I repeat myself nonstop. Everything is repetitive though: TV shows, ABC's, Numbers, Books, commands/demands. I am even forced to listen to the same song nonstop. "Right Now" by Akon is my least favorite song in the world at this moment. If I met him, I would ask him to annunciate his words better because even after 1000 times and counting listening to "I wanna make love right naw naw naw" I still can't distinguish what he is saying in several parts. Does he say "You were my homey, lover, friend" or "you were my only love girlfriend?" I guess I could google it, but it would take the last piece of mystery out of the song that my children insist on listening to and singing the last word of every stanza to on a daily basis. Please don't judge me for allowing my 2 year olds to listen to this song. You would let them to if you were listening to their screaming and incessant begging to listen to the one song they know the words to that isn't produced by Barney. This isn't one single child. This is a chorus of screaming and not in tune!

In the course of writing this blog, a mere 20 minutes, I have arisen and responded to the needs of children I put to bed more than an hour ago at a minimum, 15 times. I have kissed a booboo (as you know), confiscated the contraband, changed a dirty diaper, redressed a naked child, watched them swing Elmo together and count together, redirected them to bed repeatedly, answered the phone, hit rewind and replayed the same DVD in each room, taken a child to the potty, chased and threatened kids with a spoon, and read a book. I have also managed to put at least a few coherent sentences together. I will finish out the night with paperwork leftover from work today, rummaging for something to eat, and probably hitting rewind and play a couple more times.

Another Day in the life of the Ewing Crew!