Monday, August 21, 2006


It has been awhile since I have made any posts. I have had a difficult time dealing with the loss of my child and when it occurred, had no desire to ever write in this journal again. Time has passed. I still have grief, but I have to go on. I am reminded by several people that I still have three other children and they would like updated on them and pictures shared, so I will continue to make posts for that reason from time to time. It is very busy. There is so much to do to take care of the babies, there is little time for correspondence or journal writing. I see that my uncle Jon has posted some of the pictures of the babies that I sent to him. In trying to post pics here, I encountered some difficulties putting on more than one. So, here is one of the lastest pics of Hunter. (the only one I was able to get on this post for some reason).

It has almost been 5 months - 9/3 is 5 months. Alexandria, Hunter, and Gabrielle have grown so much. Hunter weighed 13 lb, Gabrielle 11, and Alexandria 12, 1 month ago. I am sure they have gained much since then. Gabrielle was the first to roll over. She rolled at a little before three months but didnt do it consistently until 4 months. Alexandria rolled at around 4 months and has been doing it consistently. Hunter hasn't rolled yet. He is just a chub. But, he is very verbal and squeals with delight and has mastered cereal eating better than the girls. Gabrielle is certainly the first to do most everything. She is very social as is Alexandria. Alexandria is just more laid back and rarely cries. She is my little happy baby. Hunter has an infectious smile and flirts a lot. He is so precious. Gabby is certainly the leader, as mentioned. She also is very verbal - I sure named her the right name. They are so precious and I am so fortunate to have them. Please keep them in your prayers. I want to see them grow old. Thanks to everyone for support and prayers. We certainly have appreciated everyone's kind word, gestures, and offers of support. We can't thank everyone enough. - Elisa