Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Losing my Grandma - 2012/Dec

Just before Christmas, my grandmother passed away. She was such an integral part of my existence. It is so difficult to think of life without her. I feel a void which I am reminded of on a near daily basis. She loved my babies so so very much and they knew it. There is nothing and I mean nothing, that she wouldn't do for those she loved. She was so proud of me and told me that regularly, but I am not sure that I ever told her that I was proud of her.  She lived a tough life, but she stood strong and did what she needed to do to provide for her family. She did a good job. I am proud of you Grandma and I miss you. I know you loved me and I only hope you knew how much I love you. Holidays will never be the same without your cooking and griping about someone swiping the crudite or not getting to the table soon enough, etc. Lots of laughs there.
The following is a poem written and published by our dear friend BC Manion who is a writer for various newspapers. This was published in the Daily Sun (Tampa) just after grandma's passing. I think it is beautful and sums things up.
For Lisa Goggans

You came into my life as an answer to prayer

and have been a blessing to me ever since.

Your light has gone out, and this world of ours

has lost a unique.

You left your mark

As a sister and daughter

a wife and a mother

a grandmother and great-grandmother

and, as a sister-in-law, mother-in-law, aunt,

colleague, neighbor and friend.

Our hearts expanded because of your love.

Our days were brightened because of your wit.

Our minds were sharpened by your great insights.

And our lives are better because we had you.

Rest in peace, dear friend.

Our world is forever altered by your death.

But nothing will ever erase

the imprint you left on our lives.

—B.C. Manion

Christmas 2012

Posing in front of the Tree on Christmas Eve

Big Ham Hunter

Playing Just Dance before bed

                                          Cookies for Santa

Took Forever for this Boy to Sleep
The haul from just Santa above
Christmas Day

Gabby - happy

Ripping open presents
A dollhouse
Guess Allie wanted that DS XL from Grandma and Grandpa - look at her sad face

Happy again - Puppy for Allie

Gabs and her doggie
Thank you grandma and grandpa

Christmas Dinner