Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Almost 3, Yay for Chuck E. Cheese, Obsessed with Jeans, and Hunter's misguided haircut

In 1 month, my children will be 3 years old. It is so hard to believe that it happened this fast. Time has really just whipped on by. It seems like their vocabulary is really expanding by the day. They impress me so much with their abilities. These preemie babies are absolutely healthy and normal in every way. They have been tested by EI (Early Steps Intervention) and they don't qualify for any services - speech, occupational, or physical therapy. They are within normal limits to advanced on all cognitive, emotional, physical, and social testing. What a blessing it is that they are so healthy. Our pediatrician is also very pleased by their development.

So, we have a lot to celebrate on their birthday this year. This birthday, we are going to have their party at Chuck E. Cheese because these kids absolutely love the characters and love to dance and sing with the big mouse. I thought too, it would save us the hassle of cleaning up. I am always looking for the easy way out! Tonight I told Gabby that we are going to have a party for her and she couldn't stop saying "party party" and she understood what it meant because she insisted we have cake tonight. "Mommy, I want cake. I want cake, Mommy." Of course, she doesn't understand the concept of time so it shouldn't have been mentioned at all. I will try not to make that mistake again. Have you ever tried to explain time to kids who don't know time? It is absolutely mind-bending. I find myself in that same spot over and over again and never clearly convey the meaning. The kids want to go to bed in jeans. Actually, they pretty much want to live in jeans all the time. They have their favorite pair and they want them washed and ready to wear every day. So, I try to explain to them that they need to wait to wear the jeans and this is a little of what occurs.

Me: "You cannot wear the jeans tonite."
Them: "Mommy, I want jeans."
Me: "NO. Not tonight. You have to wear jammies."
Them: "NO jammies mommy. Jeans. Jeans. I want jeans."
Me: "No. Jammies tonite. You can wear jeans tomorrow."
Them: "Mah-rah?"
Me: "Yes, tomorrow. Not when it's dark out, but when the sun comes up tomorrow it is tomorrow."
Them: "Jeans mommy, I want jeans."
Me: "Tomorrow."
Them: "No mah-rah mommy. I want jeans."
Me: "Mommy isn't wearing jeans night night. You wear jammies night night. Mommy is wearing jammies."
Them: "NO Jammies."
Me: I concede and let them wear jeans to bed - stick with the big issues right? So, not only do my kids know they can win with me, they probably think tomorrow means right now, and they are increasingly obsessed with jeans. I am thinking of throwing them all in the trash and forcing them to wear dresses.

Another update: My son got a haircut. No, not his first haircut, but it is the most haircut he has ever had. My husband did it without telling or consulting me. I shouldn't be speaking to him. Hunter looks like a little man with a flat head. It's shaven pretty much. I'm thinking of suing my husband and the hairdresser, but I guess that won't bring back his hair. I know one thing - he will never be allowed to go get his haircut with just daddy. Heck, daddy should have a chaperone to help him get his own hair cut because he isn't doing too well by himself.