Monday, April 24, 2006

April 21, 2006

Today we continue to enjoy our little boy being home. There have been some growing pains as we adjust to his sleeping/feeding schedule. Uncle Rusty (Anthony's brother) came for a short visit to see the babies. We took a trip with Hunter up to the NICCU to see the rest of the babies and drop off a car seat for a fit test for Alexandria. She comes home tomorrow. Before we went over, Aunt Nicola and Aunt Laruan came over to visit with Hunter and check up on momma (I don't think they trust I can do it yet). They started laughing at how I needed them to hold Hunter so I could take a shower, put on makeup, and do my hair. They said that they want to take a picture of me in 2 wks because I guess they think I won't be able to do that. Lauran suggested cutting my hair but that was met with fierce resistance. Investing in lots of scrunchies seems more realistic. A pic of me all made up (the last you might see) is posted above.

Our visit at the NICCU was short but wonderful. Uncle Rusty seemed to have a hard time figuring out how to feed the babies, but he was put on the job anyways. He said he was afraid he was going to break them. Above is Uncle Rusty hoddling Gabby. Preston is doing okay with his one bottle per day and is now weighing 2 lb 14 oz. Gabby will be coming home soon. She was moved up to 4 bottles per day. It was a long trip for Hunter to make to see his siblings, but he slept most of the way. We made it home safely, but I think when we go for Alexandria, Hunter will be better off with a babysitter.


Cheryl said...

Nice photo mom. Now that's the Elisa I know!