Monday, November 16, 2009

Fall 2009

It's wonderful that the kids are finally old enough to start to appreciate the holidays. They participated in choosing their Halloween costumes this year and were so excited in anticipation of the day they would go out in costume and get candy. We even practiced how to Trick or Treat to get it right. The girls were so excited about putting on make up and glittery dresses, as they were fairies for Halloween. Hunter had no other thing that he wanted to be more than Spiderman. I haven't any idea how he even knows of Spiderman because to my knowledge he hasn't seen any movie or cartoon with Spiderman in it. I had so much fun taking them out Trick or Treating around the neighborhoods nearby. They didn't want to go home. Allie had blisters on her feet and still wanted to walk in her costume, but we got them home somehow and they only got to have a few pieces of candy before bed. I remember being given total carte blanche when it came to Halloween candy as a kid. I guess we are a little more strict in that department. Their teeth will thank us later.

(We had some pics taken at the pumpkin patch but I haven't been able to figure out how to get them on here, so it's been delaying the blog post. I just figured I would write an update and figure out the pictures later).

Now that Christmas is approaching, they are asking us nearly every day about it. "Mommy I wanna see Christmas," Hunter tells me everyday. I tell him he will soon enough. Then he will tell me about what he wants for Christmas, which seems to evolve everyday. It's so exciting that this will be the first year they know a little about Christmas and will get to enjoy opening presents. I can't wait to start holiday traditions with them like decorating the tree, baking cookies, midnight mass, and going out to see Christmas lights. They get so tickled when they see decorations of any kind. Joy now comes from seeing the happiness of my kids. That love is amazing. I have never loved anyone more in life than these 3 precious souls. I am just sooooo very thankful for them, when they are good, when they are bad... it never waivers. Being a mother is just the best thing in the world.