Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Tradition carries on

My girls spend all their free time at a ball field, watching their brother play ball and it would only seem natural that one of them would find themselves interested in playing ball.  Alexandria has expressed her interest in playing ball and begged to join little league. She picked up a glove for the first time in the last week and has been practicing every night with her brother. He has been coaching her and she loves all the attention she gets from him. He had his own tryouts tonight and wasn't watching her game. She was very disappointed in him and expressed this. He looked downtrodden after tryouts and I asked what was wrong with him. He told me, "I am sad because I hurt my sister's feelings by not watching her tryout." Guess we live and learn. Love the relationship/bond they have. Sweet kids. #nevergoingtoletherdownagain  #LOYALTY

Here is Allie's fielding from the tryouts at the little league tonight.