Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring 2010 Update

Wow! I haven't been very faithful in keeping up with this blog. The fact that the kids are turning four (Wow!) in about 2 weeks reminds me that I need to post an update. We have just been extremely busy. I am working 4 days a week as a contract provider for a community mental health agency and that alone is draining. I haven't had anymore than 4 day weekend for a vacation and I tell you, I am about ready for one. Only problem is that since I am not an employee, I don't get paid when I don't work. My husband is about through with the fire academy and hopefully will be employed again soon! It will be great being a 2 income family again! In our case, we need 3 or 4 incomes, so he better get extra jobs :D

The kids are amazing: my little joys. Alexandria, Gabrielle, and Hunter are all weighing about the same - 32 pounds, give or take a few ounces. They are on the small side still, especially the girls because they are a bit taller. They are in 18 month pants, but can wear 2T or sometimes 3T dresses. I never noticed how tiny they really were until they started school. The other kids just seem so much bigger than my kids.

Alexandria is my little drama queen. She is just definitely dramatic. All these expressionate faces and reactions all the time. It's just so funny. She bosses her sister and brother around, mommying them so she has earned the nickname "little mommy." However, she is the sensitive one and cries reactively, especially when her sister tells her that she doesn't like her.

Gabrielle is just as sweet as she can be, smart, and full of mischief. If there is a ring leader when it comes to trouble, it's Gabby. She likes to tease her siblings and will take things away from them just for the joy of being chased in a game of keepaway. She is definitely just a mommy's girl. She tells me this all the time. She wants to go everywhere with mommy, particularly shopping. The kid finds things just to buy, whether she needs/wants them or not. She is all diva, fighting with me over what she will wear, has to have more and more shoes (Emelda Marcos watch out), and loves to have her fingernails painted, but has no patience to wait until they dry.

Hunter loves his Batman and when I say he is my little baby, he gets mad and corrects me "I'm no baby. I'm Batman Hunter or if I am lucky, he will say his full name "HUNTER NEW-ing". His grandmother bought him a pair of jammies that had a cape attached and he loves to wear this. I thought I would die when he went outside, wearing swimming goggles and his cape to ride his bike. I wondered where I could hide if someone came along and saw us. Hunter apparently has a girlfriend at school -a girl named Zoe who "mothers" Hunter per the teacher. She moves her chair to sit next to him and tries to spoon feed him his lunch. He insists he only loves Pedro because girls are yucky. Pedro, a boy in his class, is apparently his "best friend." Today he told me Pedro doesn't love him because he follows Pedro too much. He keeps track of Pedro's fave snack, informing me at the store that the ritz and cheese cracker packs are "Pedro's favorite." Hunter is definitely all boy and all boy things. I should feel privileged when he tells me he loves me or graces me with a hug. He definitely favors his daddy (another manifestation of this all boy orientation). He is amazing with sports and has been advanced in his motor abilities for well over a year now. My husband says that hand-eye coordination like his at this young age is really quite a rarity. Fortunately, at 4 years of age, Hunter can join things like t-ball and soccer so he will finally get his chance to play! He's been talking about it for over a year. For his birthday, he wants a baseball room. That's what he will get.

All 3 of them started at private Catholic school on February 1st. They are doing extremely well and the people there are wonderful. I have never seen such kind and loving people. I love to hear and see the new things my kids are learning. They have really shocked me by repeating prayers they have practiced at school on the way home. It's just so sweet to hear! The way they are growing spiritually, emotionally, and socially seems more prominent than academically (although I am sure they are). They have been able to say their ABC's, count to 20, and know most of their shapes since they were 2. They can draw a circle and are getting much better with their coloring. I am awaiting the outcome on speech assessment they are undergoing this week. The bottom line is they are loving school and I know they are in the best place possible for them when I leave them in the mornings at the school. So, that's been a blessing.

Well, I hope to post some more recent pictures soon - hopefully some birthday pics. I am still trying to figure out what to do because their birthday falls not only during spring break, but on the day before Easter. I think they will just be celebrating with mom and dad this year. We will figure out something.