Saturday, June 03, 2006

Dad's Words

Letter to Preston,

My dearest son, you have touched my heart in a way I never thought possible... looking into your eyes was like no other experience I've had. I hope you will know how loved you are by me. I haven't been on the blog before this day because your mom does it so well. Here I am now to thank everyone that has participated in your short, but miraculous life. Those trips to see you in Orlando were exhausting and exhilirating all at the same time. It was so rewarding having you touch us for the time we had you. So many people were so in love with you and helped me and your mom, to all those dear folks we say thanks.

I know people thought we were crazy for having all that we had on our plate and to us it was a blessing like no one could have known. May everyone that had a bad thought in their mind now have a revelation in their heart. This may turn people around in the way they talk and think and it may turn them to a higher power. This is my hope...that of this tragedy comes some pureness of heart. People should see the light in the world that you brought to it dear Preston. So much sadness and negative happens that to have you was the positive light that some people may never have. My wish is that all could have the joy every day that you brought to us for a little while.

Rest in peace my son, for I will carry on each day and reming people that you touched all our lives. I will not forget, I will not let anyone forget how precious you are. Thank you for the sunshine you brought. Look down on us and pray each day not for those who have good hearts, but for those who need an angel like you to make them better people.

All my love

Latest News

Top: Hunter and Preston (the twin terrors) resting on mom's bosom
Middle: Preston in his bouncy seat resting
Bottom: Preston accidentally dressed in girl's clothing by his Aunt Judy. Elisa planned to do a blog to tell all about how this happened after she had a good laugh about the mishap.

We have been blessed to have Elisa share all of these beautiful, touching moments with us about four tiny angels. It is with so much unbelievable sadness that I report that our littlest angel, Preston, has gone home to be with God. We must remember that we were lucky to have him thru the pregnancy and for two beautiful months after. Sadly on Friday morning as loving mother and father lay with the precious Preston, his life on earth came to an unexpected end. The determination, at this point is SIDS. We know that it affects more premature babies than others. The rescue workers and hospital assured us they did all they could and as any parent would they wonder what they could have done. In this case, nothing more could have been done. No parents could have loved a baby more, no one that met this little creature (I affectionately called him Gollum) could have been more enchanted by his perfection. We will be grateful that we were touched in our lives by this wonderful little man. To look into his eyes, it was such an honor. I can't convey how dear he "is" for he will live on in our hearts, minds, thoughts, and prayers.

At this time, we must pray, too for Elisa, Anthony, Hunter, Gabrielle, Alexandria, and older siblings Dylan and Savannah. We must pray for the strength to carry on for all of the others that were close to this dear family. I hope I have been able to do justice to this very delicate situation. I rely on the strength of God and his newest angel Preston to put down these words. This is indeed a daunting task, and I hope that I expressed the families feelings accurately. It was an honor to meet Preston, it is a privilege to know the whole family, I am touched to be able to speak for the family at this time.

With Much Tenerness,
Loving Aunt Sarah