Thursday, April 27, 2006

April 26, 2006 - First Doctor's appt

Today was rough!! Our three babies had their first follow up appointment with the pediatrician. We picked Dr. Deshpande at Heartland Pediatrics. We don't have any mode of transportation big enough to transport the 3 babies, much less the 4 we will have. Fortunately, we borrowed a van from a family member to take the babies to the doctor. Since daddy had to work and nana had a doctor's appointment herself, mommy transported the babies to the doctor alone. 3 babies bathed, fed, changed, and put into the car one by one. At the doctor's office, the staff came outside to help get the babies out of the car. All that work put into dressing them was for nothing. They were stripped down to their diapers one by one and brought back into the room after measurements to wait for the doctor. All 3 of them lined up on the table and AWAKE!! at the same time!!! Who planned this? Mommy had to start feeding the babies in the doctor's office, while trying to keep the other 2 from fussing too much and kicking off their blankets. FUN FUN!!! The good news is all three babies are doing well and gaining weight. No concerns were expressed by the doctor. We have a follow up in 1 wk to make sure weight continues to be gained. 2 are up to almost 5 lb right now!! We will have lots of doctors appointments. The babies have 2 more appointments in the next week alone, 2 in Orlando. It will be rough trying to borrow vehicles and transport the babies for all these appointments.