Sunday, October 03, 2010

Time to Get Healthy

As I become more aware of the lack of nutrition in the average American diet, and probably even less in the Ewing Household diet, I realized a need to make a change. In the 80's I was inspired by the JUICEMAN and started juicing. Yes, I was the most healthy I had been at that time, but hello... it's hard to keep up with:
1) when most social outings revolve around yummy food
2) you have to pass by so many fast food restaurants and hear them calling your name
3) lugging a big juicer and pounds of fruit/veggies to juice at lunch time is hard
4) and CLEAN UP is an absolute pain in the butt.

So, despite the downside, here are the benefits:

increasing energy
decreasing weight
improving digestive health
boosting immunity
preventing illnesses such as cancer, diverticulitis, heart disease....

We can never eat all the fruits and vegetables that comes from a few glasses of juice a day, nor can we get 100 percent of the value of any of those fruits and veggies. Bottled juice? Pasteurization, high fructose sugar, and lack of enzymes which is one of the main points of juicing are lost. Cooking the food strips the food of the vitamins and phytochemicals which are one of the main points of eating the fruits/veggies. So, we are juicing here in Ewingville. The girls really don't like the juice because we have had them accustomed to bottled juice. It definitely takes some adjustment. However, we are the parents and if that's what's available, we figure they will get used to it and join the program!

I know that to totally embrace this lifestyle, we have to give up meat (all animal products) and we aren't quite ready for it yet, but maybe eventually. I am trying to remember it is eat to live not live to eat.

At the start of this process, I am feeling fatigued all the time - yes, I work and have 3 children, but still!!! It's not normal to feel 80 in your 30's. I have Graves Disease and subsequent to the medications - Methimazole and a betablocker, I am up 57pounds and disgusted with what I see in the mirror. I am afraid that if this weight gain continues, I will not be able to exercise, develop further illnesses like diabetes (since both my mother and father have that) as well as hypertension, etc.

My husband is healthy and 10 years my senior; he obviously must be fit to climb a 7 story tower with 50 pound gear, drag a 160 pound body, do charged hose drags, and do hammersleds all under 6 mintues. However, he is feeling the effects of age and wants more energy too. We aren't spring chickens. So, we do this for Allie, Gabby, and Hunter. We will let you know how it works out!