Monday, May 01, 2006

May 1, 2006

Above and beside are pics of Preston we took on Sunday at the NICCU. He is doing well, taking his 3 bottles per day still. They had to back him off a bit as when he got up to 4 bottles a day, he stopped eating well. He is over 1600 grams at this point. Soon he will be able to go into an open air crib.

It has been pretty hard on me at home. I have had some dizzy spells and feel a lack of energy. Who knew taking care of 3 babies and homemaking would be more exhausting than working a full time job? The last few days have been quite busy. We have been trying to get the babies on a schedule. We had a few problems with the girls eating. They seemed to suck and spit it out, but they have been doing much better. Hunter has been a little pig, eating everything you give him. He is able to take 3 oz now. The girls are getting there, but being dainty and petite, they don't like making pigs of themselves. Ha Ha. Most days I get at least 2 hours of help from family who stops by in the morning to help with feedings and visit the babies. That helps so much because it usually then that I get the most done around the house. It is hard to keep the house as clean as I would like it and keep up with the laundry otherwise.

The babies have "tummy time" everyday to help them gain control of their necks and music too. They seem to respond better when they are being sung to. I am going to try to work in reading to them too, but they don't seem to stay awake long enough for that. I was told today that reading to them 15 minutes a day helps expand their minds. I am not sure if that is true, but it couldn't hurt. They take feedings every 3-4 hours, depending on intake. Hunter goes every four, since he is eating so well. The girls have to be woken up every three to take their bottles. They are only taking 1 oz at times, 2 at others, and occasionally they will take 2 1/2 oz. They will be 1 month old in a few days. They have a doctor's appointment on Wednesday to check to make sure they are growing well. Hope they are getting enough nutrition!!