Friday, May 12, 2006

May 10th, 2006

We had a VERY busy day today. We got up bright and early to travel to Orlando for a doctor's appointment for all 4 babies. Nana went with us and helped with all the feedings and diaper changes en route and at the doctor's office. They had to have their eyes checked for premature retinal myopathy. All four checked well so far. They will have to go back in 4 wks for another check of their eyes, but as of now the only issues are nearsightedness (which may go away) and astygmatism. Well, Gabby has a blocked tear duct and gets goopy eyed, but that should go away in time. All we need to do is massage her tear ducts.

We got home and had to get ready for a reporter and photographer from the Orlando Sentinel who had an appointment for 3:30 to photograph the babies and I for their Mother's Day edition front page. The house was a mess. The babies were a mess, needing fed, bathed, and dressed. I was a mess too. The troops had to be called in to help out. Nana, Auntie Lauran, Auntie Nicola, and great-grandma all came to help feed, bathe, and change the babies while I ran around the house in hair rollers trying to straighten up. We should have had photographs of that!! I can't wait to see the final pictures. The babies were beautiful, even if their mom still didn't look her best!!