Monday, May 15, 2006

Mother's Day

I awoke and checked online at the Orlando Sentinel and saw the front page picture/article. The babies looked beautiful. A nice Mother's Day Present. We don't receive the paper in our area, but the photographer will be sending us copies and copies of the prints.

The day was spent changing poopy diapers, feeding the babies, and cleaning the house. My husband worked on cleaning out the garage and setting up the 2nd nursery. One room isn't big enough for 2 cribs, changing tables, chest of drawers, and a rocker. All that work work work on Mother's day.

We took a break to take the babies for a stroll in the afternoon. They are small enough at this point to put them 2 to a seat. It was nice and windy out. We concluded the day by gobbling down food while each holding one fussy baby a piece. We dropped into bed at nearly midnite, but that wasn't the end of the day for us - oh no. You know how it goes - feedings and crying all through the night. Wake up and do it all over again!!


Cheryl said...

Hey Mama!

Sounds like a great Mother's Day!! :)

If they send you any extra of the Orlando paper please save one for me!

When you feel the time is right let us know and we will be up there. I can't wait to see the little boogers!!!

Everyone at our church keeps asking about how they are doing and I try and keep up. See I have the EASY job. lol

Tell me mama, is your master plan complete yet? The degree, the job, the right man, the home, and the baby, baby, baby, baby. Looks to me like YOU DID IT! :)~~~~~