Thursday, May 04, 2006

May 3rd, 2006 - Doctor's Visit and 1 month old today

Happy 1 month birthday to all of us!!

Today, we had so much fun going to the doctor's office. Nana accompanied us and ended up helping with feedings while we were driving. The main reason for the doctor's appointment was weight checks. Hunter has proven he knows how to eat well! He has gained almost a pound. He now weighs in at 5 pounds and 10 oz. The girls gained 6 and 7 oz. Alexandria weighs 5 lb and 3 oz. Gabrielle now weighs 4 lb and 13 oz. We also found out we have a major diva on our hands. We will have to watch Lexi. While we were there, Alexandria flirted with her pediatrician. She batted her eyes and gave him a big smile. It was so cute. She's so irresistable. Her doctor had to smile back at her. I've been hearing for awhile that it is too soon for the babies to be smiling and what looks like smiles is actually gas. The doc confirmed the babies are definitely smiling. They are right on track developmentally. All 3 are gazing into their mommy's eyes when fed and lifting their heads.

We checked on Preston by phone. The nurse informed us that Preston may get to go home tomorrow. He is on 8 feeds per day now ad lib. If he does well, he will be out of there!!! We are so excited.