Wednesday, March 29, 2006

It's time!!!

I had my 32 wk appointment today, although I don't officially MAKE 32 wks until tomorrow. I have had some pressure to have the babies soon from family members who see me suffering and don't feel I am able to keep this up. I did some soul searching and went in today to tell the doctor that although I feel I can't go any further, I will do what is needed to help them be born healthy. After a lot of discussion, the doctor agreed to deliver them in one week. However, the OR scheduling put us back to Monday, April 3rd. So the babies will be born at 32 wks and 4 days. I will be the first set of quads delivered, that we know of, that are delivered without any hosptialization whatsoever. They will be delivered at 7:30 in the morning, so I might check in to the hospital the night before to make sure that I am there and to get settled in. So, all prayers are appreciated. Please pray at 7:30 AM Monday Morning for my precious babies to be born as healthy as they can be.


Jon said...

Good luck Elisa! Thanks for all the blogs. I've read every one of them

Uncle Jon

Martha said...

Elisa - you've done great this far, you and I both know that God has a purpose for everything under His heaven.....your babies will be fine. I'm excited! I'm an aunt 8 times over and a greataunt 6 times, (and a granddmother!), but NEVER 4 at a time!!!!

Rest up this weekend!

Love to you and the family
Martha and Dave, Jamie and Daniel

Lyn said...

Hey Elisa,
You and the babies will definitely be in my prayers tomorrow morning.

Lyn said...
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Nancy Mattimore said...

Hi from your gabriel angel,Nancy. I amp really proud of you. I don't know if you remember talking with me under the influence but My prayers" and thoughts are with you. I will call soon. Get plenty of rest and remember you can call any time.