Thursday, March 02, 2006

28 wks

As of today, Thursday, March 2nd, I have officially made it 28 wks. I am very happy to be able to continue to enjoy some comforts of home instead of being confined to a hospital bed. I guess I am really surprising my doctors and the staff at the maternal fetal center. They were really happy and surprised at my 26 wk appointment that my cervix remains closed and long. They say it is as if I am only carrying one baby instead of four. They felt I would need hospitalization by 26 wks, as they indicated that most quad moms would be hospitalized by that point.

My appointments remain every 2 wks. I had my last appointment yesterday. The sonogram technician was bubbling over with excitement as she shared that everyone there at the doc's office talk about me "all the time" and are soooo impressed with how far I have made it. She checked my cervix and exclaimed, "Beautiful. Just beautiful." I guess I could have stranger compliments. It has shortened a bit, which concerned me; it went from 3.7 to 3.3. She said that it was still "great." I had to inquire about when they might consider hospitalizing me. She said that when it gets to around 2.5, they may consider putting me in the hospital. 2.5 would still be normal.

They only check on the babies with a sonogram every other visit, so that means I get to see them every month. I asked her on this visit if she could just check on them, because I hadn't felt movement from one of the boy twins and was concerned. I wanted to make sure they were all there. The check really reassured me. All the babies are moving about and have good heartbeats and ample fluids. She even took a couple of pics for me. Their faces were readily visible and she exclaimed "look at his nose. How cute is that?" It looked really cute when she was just viewing it, but the printed sonogram pics kind of made me laugh. It looks like the boy's nose is about 1/2 the size of his face. It is soooo pronounced. I am asking, "Who's nose is this?" because both my husband and I have tiny noses. I might end up with twin boys who's noses resemble Cyrano De Bergerac's or Pinocchio's. Poor kids. They already have to deal with being known as "the quads" and now they might get called "the quads with the noses."

Anyhow, the doctor came in after all of this and was very optimistic about my situation. He was joking about how I must hate hospitals because I am determined to stay out of them by keeping my cervix long. He shared how impressed they were with how well I am doing. He gave me even more good news after that. I failed my 1 hour glucose tolerance test and had to endure a 3 hour test on Tuesday. It was hardly bearable. I was pretty sure I would fail because I failed the one hour and everyone told me I would most likely get it during my pregnancy. I mean, you are told to eat high fat/sugar foods to gain weight rapidly, you aren't allowed to exercise, and you gain 42 lbs in 7 months. It would seem logical I would get diabetes. Good news is: I don't have gestational diabetes!!! YAY!!

The doctor said that if I wanted to be on t.v. they could deliver me in March. Babies Live (Discovery Channel) is doing a special from Florida Hospital Orlando. I told him while I appreciate the offer, I don't think I want to have my babies early just to be on t.v. HA HA. He said that I might just make it to 34 wks. (I knew they would push the goal out further and further). He shared excitedly, "Well if you do make it to 34 wks, there is a good chance you can take one or two babies home with you." I didn't think before responding and I only realized how bad it sounded when I left and my mother told me how badly I embarrassed her. My response was, "No thanks. I am not ready for them to come home right away." The doctor just kind of looked at me funny. My mom laughed and said he was probably thinking "Lady, do you plan to just leave them in intensive care?" I guess he must think I am a real winner. I said, well I could talk his ear off and explain the whole long drawn out story but I don't think he really wants to know all of it. I guess bedrest or no bedrest, I better be ready.

Well, that's about all that's new with me. I haven't been very good about keeping this journal. Things just go by very slowly and frankly I am not that interesting right now. I don't figure many people read this anyway.

We finally have a newspaper article that we are proud of. Debbie Upp from Florida Christian News wrote a beautiful article on us and we have put the article on the site. It replaces the badly written (in my humble opinion) Highlands Today article. Check it out on the main site and make sure to visit their website @ for other news/articles.

God Bless You All,

Thanks for listening!!


Martha said...

Elisa - yes, some of us do read your blogs. I've been checking everyday for updates on my new nieces and nephews!

Sounds like everything is going well. God is in control!

Oops - I somehow posted in on your Bon Bon blog too!!!

Martha said...

Your comment count number isn't changing. I sent you a comment, but you may not have read it because it doesn't show that there's one there.

Elisa's Quads said...

Thanks Martha. I got your comments. You're a sweetie.

Martha said...

Elisa - I thought you might like to read about the quads that were born in Pensacola this week. Here's a link to our newspaper:

Have you decided on names for the babies yet?


Elisa's Quads said...

Actually yes, I think we have decided.. I think.

Girls: Alexandria Morgan and Gabriella Madison

Boys: Hunter Pierce and Preston Riley

It's a mouthful though. I practice saying all 4 at once and have mental block.

I checked out the article. Can't believe they are so big at 7 months. Mine are weighing more, I think but when you see them they actually look pretty big. I am at 7 1/4 months and can't believe all that is compacted into me. No wonder I hurt so bad. I'll pass it along to my other quad moms support group for them to pray for the family. TY