Thursday, March 16, 2006

Hurray for 30 wks!!!

Wooohoo!!! Today is 30 weeks!! I made it to the initial goal, though that goal is now extended. I had my doctor's appointment today and proceeded there with trepidation, anticipating today might be the day that he hospitalizes me. I was pleasantly surprised. I had a nice long visit with the doctor after the sonogram tech did her job and had a lot of questions that I actually remembered to ask this time.

First off, the babies are healthy. The girls are weighing about 3 pounds and 6 oz, while the boys have more variance. Hunter Pierce is weighing 3 pounds and 5 oz, but my little runt, Preston Riley is weighing 2 pounds and 1 oz. I maintain concern for him, due to his size. However, he has gained a pound in the last month and that satisfies my doc. The amniotic fluid levels are good and my cervix is still super cervix!!! YAY!!

I could not see them clearly today. We couldn't see the faces at all. All the sonogram tech could see was parts of the body, because they are getting soooo big. All I could see was a mish mash of gray, black, and white. I couldn't even make out the heads. That made the sonogram less than interesting, but I was so glad to get good news. My blood pressure remains very good; I am having very few contractions, but my feet are very swollen and it is uncomfortable in every position. However, I would be much more uncomfortable in a hospital environment. The doctor didn't feel that I need hospitalization yet. He asked me how long I want to go. I said "As long as I can stand it." He told me he liked the way that I think. I would like to have Preston up to at least 3 pounds before I deliver to give him a better chance. That would put the other babies at over 4 pounds. So, our goal now is 34 wks. He told me that in the end I will feel like I can't breathe. I told him I already feel that way, but he assures me I haven't felt nothing yet.

Dr. Fuentes is wonderful. I am so happy to have him handling my care. I hope he recieves the recognition he deserves for delivering these babies into the world healthy. I was very sorry that I didn't get to see him on Birthday Live on Tuesday. We don't have Discovery Health on our Dish. Florida Hospital Orlando was one of the 3 hospitals showcased in the special. He consulted a woman who was in labor 38 hours on the show. My mom and grandma got to see him. My mom said he was such a "ham" for the camera and my grandma thought he was a "doll." Unfortunately, they didn't tape it for me.

At least I have made it to the critical point of 30 wks. So, anything from here on out is just going to be an extra benefit for the babies. I have gained 48 pounds and am now 51 inches around the middle, 3 of those inches came in the last week alone! I will just try to continue to eat the high caloried foods he wants me to eat and try to stay off my feet.

I am not looking forward to the c-section, so I have plenty of motivation to stay pregnant as long as I can!