Friday, March 10, 2006

29 wks

Well, I have made it to 29 wks. Optimism about making it to 34 or beyond is fading fast as misery sets in. I have had a very hard time getting comfortable. I feel stretched to the gills and it is hard to sit, stand, or lay down. The nights are the hardest because just when I find a position that I can manage to sleep, I am up to the bathroom. The stress of the weight on my knees caused my knee to go out earlier this week. Fortunately, the doctor gave me permission to take Motrin for 24 hours. It was a godsend. I coveted it like it was some major drug. I finally have gotten some sleep with a prescription medication. Unfortunately, I have taken to sleepwalking and get lost in my sleep, run into walls, and do other strange things (that I will not share here) that usually end up waking me up.

My mother has been in ICU for the last few days, after an endarterectomy. She had a 95 percent blockage on one of her carotid arteries and they had to clean it out. It's typical for someone to be in ICU for a few days after. We had our scare with her blood pressure being so low after the surgery, but with medications and time, it came back up. She is now weak, but stable and will be discharged today. She was in a hurry to get it done so that she can recover in time for the quads to be born.

On a more positive note, I had a beautiful baby shower this week. My friends/co-workers at the hospital threw it for me. It was decorated so nicely with pink AND blue and had 4 balloons, 2 that said "It's a girl" and 2 that said "It's a boy." Quite clever. I recieved so many nice things: a lot of clothes of varying sizes, burp cloths, bottles, books, wrist rattles, stuffed animals, a baby bathtub, recieving blankets, sockies, crotcheted blankets, rubber duckies, music, some lotions, powder, and wash, some diapers, 4 carseats (a gift from the hospital auxilary), and free grandparenting assistance. There was so much, I can't remember it all. It was lovely. I have to get my thank you cards out now.

We are in our new house, but living out of boxes still. There are so many things I would do if I could, but I recognize my limitations. It will have to wait. I have all the baby shower stuff strewn about the room and I have bags of clothes that were donated from a friend's church still sitting there to go through, with no place to put it. I certainly hope I will have a little time once they are born to get their room settled before I am carrying them home to this mess. It is something I would like to do myself.

Well, that's about it for now. I have been trying to get to this for awhile, but haven't felt up to it. Thanks for your continued well wishes and prayers. I need them more than ever now.