Monday, August 18, 2014

First Day of 3rd Grade

The long awaited day finally came - the first day of school for the 2014/15 school year. The kids have always been in the same class together, but we switched it up this year. All of them wanted their own class and their own teacher until 1 week before school. The girls were terrified. They backtracked and looked at me with trepidation in a manner that conveyed "How will I survive without my sister or my brother?" We met their new teachers on August 14th and each appeared to have a special connection to the teacher they received as if it were predestined.  Hunter got  "the smart class" as he specifically requested. Gabrielle's teacher was thrilled to have "the one that was in the spelling bee" and asked Gabrielle to be one of her "helpers" with the special needs children that are integrated in her classroom as they need someone to help them that is super smart like Gabby.  Alexandria got a teacher who is really good friends with her last year's teacher and she team teaches with another teacher but they have to "switch classes" which made Alexandria really excited to be like the big kids in high school.

So at the end of day 1 - I have 3 super happy kids who love their own teacher who won't get them mixed up and ask "Which one are you again?" Individuality and own friends. Kids that miss each other when they come home vs. being sick of each other. (On the con side - I am going to have tons more homework and different homework and 5 teachers with whom to keep up. That's going to be a challenge. On birthdays, I might need to raise some funds: 3 classes - 3 cakes - 1 day).

Quotes of the day:

Alexandria concluded "My teacher is beautiful and she loves me...I just know it." Gabrielle boasted, "My teacher calls on me and loves all my answers. I think she likes me!" Hunter said "I am really impressed with this smart class." He said that both his teachers are very smart and nice. The conclusion was a resounding "I really like 3rd grade."

Now what to wear on day 2?