Thursday, September 04, 2008

Excitement about McCain and Palin

This is the first time in a long time, I have been so excited about a presidential/vice presidential nominee. I cannot believe the people out there who are so hesitant to vote for this man. I cannot believe the words, "I feel like I have no choices. There isn't a candidate I support." This is one man I would stand behind and feel safe about running our country! I thought to myself years ago he was an excellent candidate for president.

This is a man with integrity, a man who doesn't change his answers to fit the venue and appease the audience at the time. He speaks as honest as any presidential candidate could ever speak. He is as humble as a presidential nominee could be. He has his finger on the issues: healthcare, increasing employment, energy, education: all pressing issues. I believe this is a man who will try to accomplish all that he can, but I am not deluded enough to think he can accomplish this alone. This is the executive of our country, but he is not the end all and be all. The legislative branch and the judicial branch of our country ensure that change is slow.

Many seem to be tired of hearing that he was a P.O.W. They think he is a one trick pony act, playing the P.O.W. card. Only in America can a man rise through the ranks of the military, become a P.O.W., live to tell about it, and become a presidential nominee. He is making history. Barack doesn't own the rights to that.

Nobody can effectively argue against John McCain's foreign policy expertise. His record and reputation are solid. His ability to oversee potential strategic military involvement is clear. Additionally, he actually has 2 sons in the military who have served our country. He comes from a long line of military. In fact, Palin's son is in the military too. Who do you want making decisions about whether it is necessary to send your children off to war? A man who never served nor had children serve? or a man whose children will be fighting alongside your children?

Isn't it ironic in a time where we have just ended the reign of terror of Sadam Hussein, we have Barack Hussein Obama running for president? Omen? or Conspiracy? Regardless of Barack's unproven origins, his experience is questionable. So many questions exist - Just where does Barack stand on the issues? His waivering and pandering leave us unclear. His wife does not help his cause, alienating the America she is so angry at for oppressing her. Poor Michelle with a home worth over 1 million dollars and a position paying over 300,000.00 per year with a hospital and a 52,000 salary for being on the Board of Directors for another company. I wish I was oppressed like that. The influence of Reverend Wright and his attendance at a church for over 20 years which was essentially anti-American propoganda clothed with scripture leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Any descent from Barack being president leads to questions about racism - how dare you not vote for the first real non-white contender for president? You must be a rascist. Maybe we just detest your arrogance and sense of entitlement. Maybe we question your honesty and ability to make decisions. After all being the president does require making decisions swiftly and it requires experience. You have given the same speech about Hope and Change countless times, but I am no clearer on who you are and what you really stand for. Being a president requires authenticity and sincerity.

I will try to refrain from calling Barack supporters idiots. I can understand we are in real trouble. Gas prices and everything that requires or is affected by gas prices are higher than ever. The real estate market has plummeted. Car sales are down. People are going into foreclosure and bankruptcy increasingly. People are out of jobs and unhappy with the way things are. Bush is who we blame for everything. Therefore, we want some unknown who sells us a dream of change without any plan of action that is realistic. He sells us with his charisma but has no road map. Are we that gullible that we fall for a bunch of promises from someone who has had years to deliver with his congressional positions, but hasn't? Are we that obtuse that we think John McCain is the same as Bush?

Well that is my 2 cents on the matter. I love the McCain/Palin ticket and hope you do too!


Fulton Quads said...

If I were a ONE issue voter, the war, which I am not, I would still be voting for them! I do not vote race, nor sex, nor party. I think EVERYONE has to look at the entire picture & realize this country needs a man like McCain to run it! Good Luck John!!

Elisa's Quads said...

yAY cATHY!!!