Thursday, March 29, 2007

Alexandria.. Then and Now

Allikins in the NICU... My how small :(

Playing on her playmat

Ready to walk!!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Gabrielle... Then and Now

Gabrielle learning to eat

Gabrielle is starting to eat cereal here

Gabby playing; isn't she cute?

Hunter Then and Hunter Now

Hunter in the NICU

Hunter when he came home from hospital

Hunter NOW!

Our First Birthday Party

We are having their first birthday party on April 1st 2pm at our home although their birthday is actually April 3rd. No I wouldn't let my babies be born on "April Fools Day" so people could say that we were the "fools" who had quads on April Fools. We are having a baby einstein theme as that is what the kids are into out of all that is out there right now. I can't wait till they can appreciate Winnie the Pooh (my favorite). Anyways... we are having it catered (courtesy of my parents), having a tent put up outside because my home is not big enough to support the inivitation list, planning games for the younger kids (and maybe a couple for the adults), and having a slideshow. It is pretty ambitious of me to try to complete a slideshow before Sunday. We will see if it happens. Well, here is kind of a preview of that slide show... I will have the following posts entitled:
Hunter Then and Now
Gabrielle Then and Now &
Alexandria, Then and Now

If by chance I should of invited you and forgot to invite, please let me know. I am a disaster at organization lately and have been racking my brain asking "Who didn't I invite that I should have." Nothing there anymore after 1 year with the babies.